Summer 2022

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Hi Folks,

Just a little catch up from Stephen and I. 

We are now home alone after 38 years. Our youngest son moved into his new home in May and he is very happy.  He is in a lovely home 12 minutes down the road from us.

It feels strange just the two of us but we have been keeping very busy. 

Stephen has been coming to market with me twice a week - he couldn't before as he was looking after our disabled son. So now he gets to meet our fabulous customers. It has made markets so much easier especially when the weather is windy. Two pairs of hands are definitely better than one.

New designs and ideas are also taking up Stephen's time and head space so look out for some new cards very soon.

I've been busy sourcing cardstock, our last supplier closed and we bought the remaining stock a couple of years ago.  We have all but used that mountain of card (and it was a mountain)!  Our new supplier has given us an excellent deal and this means we will NOT have to increase our prices.  We will have to order lots of card regularly but as long as you good folks keep buying our cards things and prices will remain as they are.

The website has also had a bit of overdue attention, no big changes just a little updating here and there.  For instance, there's a new Horse & Pony category.  The website is my domain but I am not a web designer the design was done for us but I maintain it and add new content (oh wow 'add new content' get me with the internet jargon).

I think that covers everything so back the website maintenance.


Val & Stephen