Independent Spirit! Why Stephen Cocker Cards are the perfect addition to your shop

Looking for something different in your shop, something to attract repeat sales?

In today's, let's be blunt - brutal retail landscape farm shops,book shops, card shops and all independent businesses thrive and grow by offering a unique and memorable customer experience. 

We can help you provide this.

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"These are different, we haven't seen these before"

This is our favourite, regular comment. We retail our  cards at country shows and events.  There's nothing like a stand full of laughing customers offering you their money on a cold wet day to boost the mood. 

The thing is, that the vast majority of our first-time buyers didn't need a card but one caught their eye and as we run a 'BUY 3 offer, they bought three.


Not only is humour the best medicine - it's also a fantastic advertising tool.

People like to share a joke so they tell their friends and family,

We have customers who come back time and again, they like to see what's new as well as browsing the old favourites.

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                                               Ordering Your Cards: A Quick & Concise Guide 

  • We operate a sensible policy regarding the distance between outlets.
  • Full payment is required (proforma invoice) and the 'real' invoice comes with your cards
  • Minimum order is 12o cards (multiples of 6 cards per design)
  • Payment can be made by BACS or cheque
  • When ordering via the website choose your cards and click on the Pay Later option (ignore cash totals on-screen these are website sales prices)
  • We will send you a proforma invoice once this is paid your order will be packed & dispatched as soon as possible (see below for delivery times)
  • You can order over the phone if you prefer - as they say - it's good to talk!  
  • We are more than happy to chat to customers via phone or email



stall full of funny greeting cards for  all occasions


is by parcel service in most cases and is free. Where this service is not available (for very out of the way places) Royal Mail is used.  This is charged at cost. 

Very recently parcel delivery companies have been charging a 'remote area' fee.  Where this applies we will charge this at cost.

Orders are usually dispatched within 3 days of receipt of order, often the same day.  We do have very busy periods and where the three day window is not possible we will let you know as soon as possible.

We look forward to working with you. Stephen & Val