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  1. What a year and it's only March! 


    I've just taken down the Coronavirus Policy from the website and thought it would be a good opprotunity for a chat and let you know what's happening with us, in the office and out of it. 

    Out of the office:

    MASSIVE changes are ahead.  Our 26 year old severely and profoundly disabled son is moving down the road to live with friends in the near future. He will be living with four other disabled people and will have round the clock care, he will only be a few minutes away. I won't ramble on about this as it has nothing to do with cards but this is a big deal for us - possibly the biggest deal of our lives. 

    Having said that it's nothing to do with cards it has to be said having a disabled member of the family has meant our business has grown up around him.  He's the reason you get emails saying I've just posted your cards at weird times of the day and night and why I start work at 7AM but may sometimes be out of the office in 'office hours', we work around our son and have done for 26 years. 

    Back to the office:

    Like everyone else our costs have risen sharply recently and we are racking our brains to find ways of absorbing these increases.  Our customers have been incredibly loyal for which we are more than grateful and we would like to show our appreciation by not raising prices in these difficult times. The answer for now seems to be economies of scale and more sales.  We always buy in bulk, now we are buying in bigger bulk!  We are fortunate to have ample storage space but with the deliveries we've had this week you'd think we were taking on the card world - albeit two handed, him and me!

    Soon I will have more time to devote to promoting the website online and by being out and about!  More sales mean more stability I'm thinking. 

    IT is not my strong point but the website was built using and they extremely helpful and available. When I want help I want it now because I panic!  Calm about most things technology terrifies me, I always think it's all going to implode but my account manager just sorts it out, like magic.  I just hope this blog doesn't disappear before I publish it!

    Spring is on it's way and we will be out and about with our cards. We love country markets and shows and hope to do more this year.  A large proportion of our online customers first bought from us in person, the biggest share of these from Masham Market which is very handy for us.  Masham is a lovely place well worth a visit, if you do come pop into the stall and say hello.

    We both like to meet our customers but usually it's just me as Stephen does most of the physical care for our son but this will change soon. To have a job where you listen to people laughing all day is just FAB! 

    Selling your own work in person gives you an insight that you certainly helps with online sales and people are lovely.  

    Well I think you'll have had enough rambling by now but I may do it again, I've enjoyed it and for those who have met me you know how I can talk!